Heat Treat SM

Designed for heat treating operations, Knights Furnace fire box furnaces are an ideal choice for tool & die shops, schools and R&D labs. By bringing heat treating in-house, you can save time and money while controlling quality and avoiding minimum lot charges.

Knights Furnace produces heart treat furnaces that are both high in quality and long-lasting. Many of our customers are using fire box furnaces that are over 30 years old and are still helping them optimize their heat treating processes.

All Knights Furnace fire furnaces are made in the USA and are shipped pre-assembled, pre-wired and test-fired. Setup is easy: simply connect to a main power source to experience the safe, dependable operation of Knights Furnace fire box furnaces.

● Rated for 2400°F operation
● Hardens, draws and anneals
● Optimal for small loads
● Available in standard and custom sizes
● Easy installation
● Most models can utilize different power configurations

Below is a list of our standard models. Most models can be used on different power configurations (e.g., 480/3).

Custom sizes are available to fit your application. Please request a quote and we will provide additional information.