Grade Maximum continuous operating temperature Resistivity at 20ºC Ω mm2m-1 / 68ºF Ω/cmf
FeCrAl alloys
Kanthal APM 1425ºC (2600ºF) 1.45/872
Kanthal A-1 1400ºC (2550ºF) 1.45/872
Kanthal AF 1300ºC (2370ºF) 1.39/836
Kanthal D 1300ºC (2370ºF) 1.35/812
Alkrothal 1100ºC (2010ºF) 1.25/744
NiCr alloys
Nikrothal 80 1200ºC (2190ºF) 1.09/255
Nikrothal 70 1250ºC (2280ºF) 1.18/709
Nikrothal 60 1150ºC (2100ºF) 1.11/668
Nikrothal 40 1100ºC (2010ºF) 1.04/626

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